Hello everyone from Borgo de’Brandi staff!

Autumn is finally here, during these days we can fully enjoy a fresher temperature, and also appreciate the territory thanks to a perfect weather. So why don’t you take a wonderful walk around the Borgo?

 Today we’re giving you a list of itineraries to follow, starting from the Borgo. They’re not extremely difficult, but they’re surely wonderful!

1- Itinerary “Ring tour of history and memory” – 15 km

This is certainly the most intense tour, excursionwise as well as culturewise. Start off at Abbadia a Isola towards Castel Petraio. Here, traces left by remote history are numerous: from the Etruscan period up until the Modern Age, people left deep traces, changed landscape features, and turned the ancient fortified villages into farmsteads. All along this route, in addition to the ancient ruins of castles like Montauto, S. Giovanni, and Castellare, you can find deep traces and memories of the more recent Partisan struggle during World War II, like the cruel slaughter of partisans that took place at Casa Giubileo. From there, step aside the main route and follow the CAI trailmarker 100 to learn more about that event on information boards. Soon you will arrive at Abbadia a Isola.

anello-storia-e-memoria-1-300x97 EXPLORING OUR TERRITORY...BY FEET!

2- Itinerary “The great traverse” – 10 km

This is a tour of great environmental, natural, and historical interest. You will cross the central part of the Montagnola from north-west to south-east, thus ideally connecting two territories, Pian del Casone and Pian del Lago, that share the same geological and water origin. Start off at Castel Petraia and hike constantly uphill as you pass Montauto and Casa Giubileo, as far as the Castellare. You will then walk slightly downhill part of the Round Tour of History and Memory until you reach Fungaia and, shortly after, the Villa of S. Colomba, a work by Baldassarre Peruzzi. The tour then continues towards the Hermitage of S. Leonardo al Lago and ends at the Piramide, built by the Great Duke Leopoldo to celebrate the draining of the lake.


3- Itinerario “Nature round tour” – 9.5 km

This round tour is rather short and pleasant, and covers the north-west area of the Montagnola facing the Val d’Elsa. Among its historical and artistic places are Scorgiano, Castel Petraia, and Case S. Monti. It is especially noteworthy for its beautiful views and sceneries.


4 – Itinerary “Round tour of Fungaia” – 12.5 km

The tour is entirely on the south-east side, facing the Pian del Lago. Start off at Fungaia, pass Il Caggio, the medieval castle of La Chiocciola, and Riciano. Arrive at Colle Ciupi, a small village set in parkland. Its small church of S. Lorenzo contains an interesting series of frescoes of the school of Duccio. A short and pleasant walk uphill leads you to Castellare, and then you will walk back to Fungaia again.


5 – Itinerary “Hermitage and Former Lake” – 10 km

This is a tour of great historical and religious interest. Start off at Fungaia and hike on very mild inclines towards S. Colomba and S. Leonardo al Lago. This was an important medieval hermitage, witness the series of frescoes that decorate the walls inside the church.Populated by a large religious community during the 12th century, S. Leonardo al Lago was located in a thick wood (Silva Lacus) that touched the shores of an ancient lake. From here you can easily reach the entrance to the Grand Duke’s Tunnel. This was an important underground sluiceway ordered by the Grand Duke Leopold to reclaim Pian del Lago.

eremo-lago-1-300x96 EXPLORING OUR TERRITORY...BY FEET!

We suggest these itineraries not only to expert walkers, just because you can easily do them in a day, appreciating the territory with calm and peace.

Obviously, if you need other informations, feel free to ask to our staff!

Have a wonderful day!

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