Good morning everyone from Borgo de’Brandi’s staff!

Finally, the countdown to Christmas has officially begun!

Here we’re feeling Christmas air since weeks, but now more than ever we can not wait to return children and get excited together with our families!

Today, remaining in the Christmas theme, we would like to tell you the story of one of the most magical plants of the holidays: the mistletoe.

If you are not aware of it, the Tuscan territories are full of mistletoe, you can often find them walking in the woods. It is not difficult to recognize it because of the round and white berries that grow together.

vischio-pianta-proprietà-300x200 MISTLETOE, A FLOWER FULL OF MAGIC

In Bohemia (historical region of Europe, which occupies the central and western part of the Czech Republic) was once called “scopa del tuono”: in fact it was believed that the mistletoe could remove the lightning and the people of the place put a few twigs to the window as protection.

You will certainly know the custom of kissing under the mistletoe, but where does it come from? Let’s find out together!

Legend has it that a long time ago, an old merchant lived in a village in the mountains.

The man was alone, he had never married and he no longer had any friends.

The old merchant spent nights spinning and turning in his bed, unable to sleep.

One evening he left the house and saw people coming from all sides and going to the same place. A few hands reached out to him. A few voices came up:

“Brother,” they shouted to him, “why don’t you come?”

Brother, to him brother? He had no brothers. He was a merchant and for him there were only customers: those who bought and those who sold. All his life he had been greedy and stingy and did not care who his customers were and what they did.

Where were they going?

He moved a little curious. He joined a group of old men and boys. Brother! Oh, sure, it would have been nice to have so many brothers! But his heart whispered that he could not be their brother. How many times had he deceived them? He cried poverty to sell more expensive. And he speculated on the need of the poor. And never his hand opened to give. No, he could not be the brother of those poor people who had always exploited, deceived, betrayed. Yet everyone walked beside him. And he had come with them, in front of the Bethlehem Cave.

Now he saw them come in and nobody was empty-handed, even the poor had something. And he had nothing, he was rich.

He arrived at the cave together with the others; kneel together with the others. “Sir,” he exclaimed, “I have treated my brothers badly. Forgive me.”

And he began to cry.

Leaning on a tree, in front of the cave, the merchant continued to cry, and his heart changed. At the first light of dawn those tears shone like pearls, in the middle of two leaflets.

The mistletoe was born.

Vischio-660x350-300x159 MISTLETOE, A FLOWER FULL OF MAGIC

Exciting, isn’t it? The next time we’ll see a mistletoe we can not help but dream remembering this wonderful story.

What do you think, according to you is it a true story or just imagination? We like to believe that it is true, also because we know, so many magic happen near Christmas.

We wish you to fully enjoy these days of waiting.

See you soon with a new article to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Borgo de’Brandi staff

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