Hello everyone from the staff of Borgo de’Brandi!

We can finally tell you that a new season has officially begun! We are excited and we really can’t wait to meet you, we look forward to giving you unforgettable moments of joy and relaxation!

To start in the best way, today we would like to tell you about one of the protagonists of our territories: Montemaggio.


You will certainly have noticed a small mountain that stands out on our fields!

For those who don’t know that, Montemaggio is one of the hubs of the history of our territory, both on a historical level that on a magical level! There are indeed so many legends that are handed down in front of the homes of our houses about this little relief, and today we would like to tell you one.

Let’s start by telling you that popular belief has always passed on the idea that Montemaggio was a volcano, in reality it is not so, but it is said that by penetrating its fronds you can find the 7 gates of hell!

Curious, isn’t it?

It could be fun, on a sunny spring afternoon, to take a walk in the woods and play with your beloved ones, let’s see who can find all of them!

But where to start? Unfortunately there are no writings that indicate the exact location of the doors, but there are testimonies of those who searched for them and probably found them!

Here are some clues for you that may help you in your search:

The first door would be near an arch from which one enters the undergrowth, while two other arches would be there only to confuse the ideas.
The second and third doors would be invisible during the day and would only be detected by the twilight of the night. Also cross these two and marching in the undergrowth would lead to a clearing in the center of which there would be only a dry tree. The third door would be right under the tree.

Credit: Gabriele Ruffoli

Beyond the “door” of the tree to reach the other one, you should go into the woods a lot, until you reach an old ruin abandoned for at least a century, of which only the external walls have remained. Although it has all collapsed and nature has covered it for the most part, one could enter what was perhaps a tower and which seems to still have an entrance and exit, and there they are located respectively the fourth and fifth door.
Unfortunately no one has any idea where the last two doors are, but maybe it could be you to finally find them!

etruschi.montagnola.senese-1 MONTEMAGGIO AND ITS MYSTERIES!
Credit: Gabriele Ruffoli

Obviously this is only a legend, but it surely help to feed the charm of this beautiful and enchanted place, where the suggestion prevails above all for the beauty of nature.

How about? Don’t you have a mad desire to walk around these enchanted places?

To make it easier for you, we offer you a fairly easy circular route to make the most of these magical landscapes!
It seems long but we can assure you that, if you walk slowly, it can be easily completed by anyone!

Il-monte-Maggio_c3e2b78f7ec16447b22c35dcc25e2202-1 MONTEMAGGIO AND ITS MYSTERIES!

Although this long ring runs completely in the woods of the Montagnola, it offers the opportunity to learn about some of the most interesting historical, religious and agricultural work and woodsmen who have characterized this territory in the past. The itinerary starts from the small village of Scorgiano, located on the road that crosses Mount Maggio, (from Pian del Lago to the Ponte di S.Giulia in Val d’Elsa). We take the sent. n ° ° 103 and along the boundary wall, dominated by centennial oaks, of the Fattoria di Scorgiano. This great structure, still today partly active, was, in a recent past, the collection center of all the peasant production of the neighboring estates. Immediately after an ancient well, which is located in front of the gate of the Farm, turn right and continue straight on the dirt road up to Poggiarello. From here begins a characteristic forest path that, in short, will lead us to cross the road that from Castel Petraia rises to Casa Nagli. We will turn left and, after a hundred meters, turn right towards Montacuto which, being a private property, cannot be visited, so we will continue, still following the path n ° 105, until reaching Casa Giubileo. This large structure contains a small museum, dedicated to the partisan resistance, which is particularly active during the last war. We still follow our path for a few hundred meters until we cross the ridge path
n ° ° 100, coming from Monteriggioni, which we will take to the right to reach the summit of Monte Maggio (m. 671). With a short detour to the right, regularly reported, we reach the Castellare, an ancient and characteristic circular lookout tower. Continuing along the path n ° 100 we will arrive at Casa Alteri. This large building, now reduced to ruins, located on a small plateau at the intersection of several roads, reduced to paths by the intrusion of vegetation, testifies to the importance that the complex had in the past for the population of the Montagnola. It was, in fact, an essential stage, given the position, for those who went from Val d’Elsa towards Siena, and it was a shelter for people and animals, a place where they rested and took refreshment. At this point, leave the ridge path and take trail 105 on the right, which will take us, always slightly downhill to Cappella Nagli, a characteristic little church now enveloped by holm oaks, which seems to want to hide it from the sight of passersby. From here we descend to find path n ° 103, which we will take to the left to go and close our ring at Scorgiano.

It seems long but we can assure you that, if you walk slowly, it can be easily completed by anyone!

You are ready? Arm yourself with water, a beautiful wood to use as a stick, and go deep into the mysteries of our woods.

Greetings from the staff of Borgo de’Brandi!

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