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November is gifting us with some wonderful sunny days and we’re so happy to wait Christmas in such a good way!

For those who are following us on Facebook, some time ago we’ve told you about some legends which talks about our villages, and today we’d like to go a bit beeper inside of them.

There are plenty of stories who deserve to be told, but today we’re telling you the ones which, according to us, are the most exciting and full of mystery.

Let’s start with Monteriggioni and its famous water well.

For those who have already visited Monteriggioni, you should have noticed the water well placed in the center of the main square. Its story has its origins around XII century.

Between XII and XIII century, all the territory has been theatre of continuous wars between Siena and Florence in order to gain the politic and economic supremacy. Monteriggioni was conquered from Florence just in 1526 because of Captain Zeti’s betrayal, who led Florence to win the war.

The betrayal was so full of consequences that people says that Captain Zeti’s soul couldn’t find peace and is still into the castle.

The legend says that the castle has a wire of underground tunnels which lead to Siena, and it says also that the soul of the Captain uses to wander inside of them, whispering and crying because of its remorse. The inhabitants like to say that they can hear his voice during full moon nights.


il-pozzodei-gigantisempre-300x225 MYTH AND LEGENDS OF OUR TERRITORY

Fascinating, isn’t it? Maybe, if you pay attention, you’ll be able to hear something!

Another story is the one of the Diana, the mysterious underground ghost river of Siena.

The story says that during the night, you can hear the river flowing under the city, its noise should be better heard in Pian d’Ovile and Pian dei Mantellini.

The river should enter Siena near Porta Ovile and leave it in Porta San Marco, where you can find a street called like the Diana.

via-della-diana-toponomastica-300x242 MYTH AND LEGENDS OF OUR TERRITORY

In 1176, some monks of Convento del Carmine, in Pian dei Mantellini, found out that just inside the most archaic center of Siena, Castelvecchio, there was a big amount of water.

People started some researches and a lot of money were spent, the legend of the Diana became so famous that also Dante Alighieri talked about it in its Divina Commedia: “Tu li vedrai tra quelle gente vana / che spera in Talamone, e perderagli / più di speranza ch’a trovar la Diana; / ma più vi perderanno li ammiragli” .

A lot of resources were spent but the Diana has never been found.

So…why people says that they can hear its noise? Maybe we’ll never know.

The last story that we’d like to tell you is about San Gimignano, a city full of mystery.

The legend is about the famous Tower of the Devil..are you curious about its name?

53238816-1024x681-300x200 MYTH AND LEGENDS OF OUR TERRITORY

For those who have visited San Gimignano, we’re talking about the huge tower placed in Piazza della Cisterna, one of the main squares of the city. The legend says that the ancient owner, who came back from a long travel, found out that the tower was bigger than when he left it.

The only answer that he could find was that the devil did something to it!

Who knows if all these stories are real or not, but we love to believe it and to imagine how our cities were during the past.

Are you curious now? 😉 Let us know if you can hear the Diana flowing in Siena of the Captain Zeti crying in Monteriggioni!


Have a good day and a good week!

Borgo de’Brandi staff


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