Goodmorning everyone from Borgo de’Brandi’s staff!

Here we are, just a few days left until our big reopening! This season will be full of emotions and memories, we promise!

We can’t wait to meet you and give you one of the most beautiful experiences of your life!

Today we’d like to talk you about a place, which is really close to us, but it’s also unknown by a lot of tourists that come here in out territory.

Before talking to you about this incredible place, we need to introduce you an ancient population that lived among our territories a lot of time ago: the Etruscan.

We still don’t know their native country, but we know that since IX to I century b.C. they settled down in central Italy, between Arno and Tevere rivers, and founded an elegant and powerful civilization which extended its domain from Tuscany to Lazio.

Art lovers, especially in the manufacture of terracotta and metals, they left splendid artistic works, along with towns and villages that still retain the imprints of their passage. In Tuscany there are six of the twelve cities that made up the Etruscan Dodecapoli and which preserve precious testimonies of this civilization.

Are you curious now?

Can you imagine that we have an Etruscan site just a few kilometers from us? There is an archaeological site called Scarna in Pian del Casone, in which they found a large number of Etruscan tombs.

It is possible to visit it and admire these incredible “structures”, which are pits in the terrain of the size of room. Inside of them were placed the remains of entire families!

8f8bc0_24bf8e5bd5e84f7cb2a9dd64e87ca761mv2 SECRET PLACES AROUND HERE

There are different types, it will be interesting for you to discover them and admire the differences!

We really recommend you to take a walk in this magical place where you’ll spend a different kind of day, fully surrounded by the silence of the wood, and maybe you can organize a picnic in one of the relax zones.


Obviously here in Tuscany we have a lot of wonderful Etruscan sites, for those of you who can be interested we’re going to suggest you the best ones.

Chiusi was one of the main Etruscan cities and in the surrounding countryside numerous burials of the time were found, in addition to the imposing hydraulic work known as Porsenna’s labyrinth, still viable.

labirinto-di-porsenna-chiusi-3 SECRET PLACES AROUND HERE

In Fiesole, the archaeological area and the civic museum document the ancient history of the city, while the Guarnacci museum in Volterra preserves one of the most important collections of Etruscan finds, the Urn of the Spouses and the Shadow of the Evening.

Moving towards the coast, don’t miss a visit to the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia, the only Etruscan city built on the sea and going down to the Maremma we find Vetulonia, with the remains of the walls, tombs and artifacts kept in the archaeological Civic Museum and the suggestive Vie Cave carved into the tuff at Pitigliano and Sovana, up to Saturnia, where the Etruscans exploited the precious thermal springs.


All these places are close to us, you’ll reach them with maximum a hour and a half driving, it will be an amazing opportunity to visit new places and admire different kinds of tuscan landscapes.

So, did we manage to convince you?

For every info, feel free to ask to our staff who will be glad to help you organizing a different but super cool day!

Have a good spring!

Borgo e’brandi’s staff

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