Goodmorning everyone from Borgo de’Brandi staff!

As you know, our territory is famous not only for the breathtaking landscapes, but also for food!

There are plenty of typical dishes to taste with a glass of wine, in fact our plates are famous all over the world.

What are the most famous and tasty dishes to eat in our zones? Let’s discover them together!

Tuscan meals is mostly made of poor but tasty ingredients, with its roots taken from farmers families.

First of all we have the queen “Pappa al pomodoro”!

06201405402-Cropped1-300x191 TUSCANY...TO EAT!

It’s a very simple but tasty meal, made of old bread, tomato, basil, garlic, oil and salt. In fact, these ingredients were often leftovers that families didn’t want to waste. 

The result is kind of a soup made from bread which becomes soft absorbing tomatoes.

You absolutely have to taste it if you are around here!

Here you can find the recipe:  https://ricette.giallozafferano.it/Pappa-col-pomodoro.html

Similar to “Pappa al pomodoro”, we have a lot of dishes like for example “Panzanella”.

Panzanella-ricetta-classica-300x200 TUSCANY...TO EAT!

You just have to put old bread into water to make it soft and then add ingredients like tomatoes, cucumber, tuna and so on.


Regarding second courses, most of them are meat based. Bushmeat is the main meal eaten here in Tuscany, an the most famous ingredients is boar.

A recipe that we usually find on our grandma’s tables is “Spezzatino di cinghiale”, made from a long cooking inside tomato, wine and spices (garlic, sage, laurel etc.)

spezzatino-cinghiale-vino-200x300 TUSCANY...TO EAT!

As a result we have a very soft and tasty meat, that you can also eat accompanied by Polenta.


For the desserts, the list is really long. 

We have “Panforte”, a spiced sweet made of almonds, candied fruit and honey, that you can maintain for a long time.


panforte-300x200 TUSCANY...TO EAT!

Otherwise, we have “Cavallucci”, particular biscuits made of nuts, candied fruit and honey, with some spices like anise which gives it a taste of licorice.


cavallucci-di-siena-300x242 TUSCANY...TO EAT!

At the end, we have “Ricciarelli”, the most famous ones, they’re soft biscuits made of almonds, honey, sugar and egg white.



Are you hungry now?

Let us know if you try to make something at home, we’re really curious to see the result!

A warm goodbye from our staff!

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