Borgo dé Brandi (formerly known as “La Caminata”) is located in a strategic position between the territories of the medieval republics of Florence and Siena – that were fierce enemies for centuries

The first historical references about Borgo dé Brandi date back to the year 881 when The Emperor Carlo Il Grosso had to resolve the conflicts between the bishops of Arezzo and Siena. This hermitage, later oratory and convent was located on the ancient road that, branching off from the Florentine road, went to Volterra through Colle Val d’Elsa. The hermitage was dedicated to San Bartolomeo, from the monastic order of Fathers Servants of Mary. It was one of the first monasteries in this order, founded in Florence in 1233. The Commune of Siena helped the monks with benefits and alms, and the hermitage definitely became a convent around 1322.


Because of the scarce income and the damage caused by the enemy’s raids, particularly by Emperor Carl the V’s soldiers who ravaged in the Sienese territory in the second half of 1500, the prior and its monks left the convent.


The Fathers Servants of Siena’s convent began to send one of their priests to celebrate Mass twice per month. On the 28th September, 1549 the Reverend Father Agostino Bonucci, abolished and incorporated the monastery to that in Siena of the same religious order. The land of the convent were rented to a certain Francesco da Siena. Later in 1561 the convent and its land were rented to a Friar, Giuseppe da Lucca.

Restoration works began in 1853. Eventually, the convent was definitively turned into a farm, and now into a charming holiday house.

Borgo dé Brandi is all this and much more. An enchanted place that will welcome you in the best way and guarantee you the vacation of your dreams in Tuscany.