Borgo dé Brandi is, first of all, an act of love towards a sacred place and a territory that has always known how to face the needs of the present in a respectful way, recognizing the value of the past and without distorting it in the name of a hasty and forgetful modernity.

Borgo dé Brandi is the result of a great emotion and years of unstoppable work, a place that today has recovered its original and authentic splendors, becoming a destination where you can regenerate to find contact with the priorities of life that we risk losing, seen in the frenzy and routine of everyday life.


What guides our work is the inspiration for some values: honesty, transparency, respect and determination that are the basis of our sense of welcome and genuine attention to everything around us.


Staying in our Borgo means allowing yourself a pleasant return to authenticity: the geographical position guarantees the absence of noise pollution, as well as other forms of pollution, and therefore allows a real contact with Nature.

In addition, some decisions have been designed to ensure respect for the environment and its habitat, avoiding forced and unnecessary upheavals. For this reason, our Borgo does not foresee the presence of boilers, which would have contributed to increasing pollution, but of a centralized system that is more respectful of the environment.


In the same line of thought, you will not find air conditioners, but the freshness of the rooms is guaranteed by the robust walls that will keep the internal temperature cool and, where necessary, by eco-sustainable fans. This choice, result of reflection and attention, was born on the one hand, from the need to reduce pollution and preserve the logic of sustainability, on the other, from the awareness that the beauty and the original image of the Borgo would have been affected.

Nonetheless, you will find a functioning WIFI system. Although this choice has been “suffered”, we realized how necessary it is to guarantee guests those services that allow them to maintain the relationship with others.

We encourage the logic of sustainability: hosting customers each one with their own Internet would certainly have caused more damage than a single line accessible to everyone.

Promotion and prevention are two keywords that guide the Borgo's philosophy: promoting tourism that respects the environment and the people who live in it reduces the possibility of environmental damage, image and peaceful coexistence.