Borgo dé Brandi

13 July 2017

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Moving on horseback means being outdoors in company and reaching places that cannot be explored by other means.

Try the evocative experience of horse riding in Chianti! Explore the wonders of our land riding a horse. You will be able to discover uncontaminated places, small churches, abandoned abbeys and castle ruins by crossing olive groves and vineyards. Often the routes for horseback riding are those that the ancient pilgrims of the Middle Ages took along the Via Francigena.


Also for beginners:

No experience is necessary as touring horses are trained to move confidently and at a leisurely pace.


We collaborate with a stable that offers 1 hour or 2 hours walk. We recommend suitable and comfortable clothing


*For their safety, children under 14 will be accompanied on foot by the staff. Please advise age and skill level