18 Marzo 2024

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On our Borgo you can rent new Electric Bicycles during your stay for €35 per person for the whole day. E-Bike excursions are the most pleasant, fun and healthy way to travel on two wheels.


With our Electric Bikes it is possible to tackle longer distances without difficulty, thus allowing you to pedal outdoors, play sports and enjoy the landscape and nature of our territories.


Electric bicycles offer the possibility even to not very trained people to pedal with serenity reaching enchanting views of our territory, which they would never have imagined to reach by bike!


Contact us for reserve them: info@borgodebrandi.com
Suggested routes:

A suggestion for you:


From Siena to Monteriggioni via Via Cassia


The most direct route is undoubtedly the one that winds along the Cassia Nord. The degree of difficulty is minimal, both by virtue of the reduced distance (about 30 km in total between round trip), and because everything takes place on asphalt on average in good condition.

The outward journey is very pleasant, between the plains and the descent (except for a few short ascents from Siena Nord to the Tognazza), while the return offers some more challenges by virtue of the various short climbs that occur mainly in the last 5 km, from the locality “il Strain “onwards.

Although the road has several shady sections, we advise you to travel in the afternoon, when temperatures become more tolerable over time (at least as regards the return which is a bit more tiring), perhaps breaking the trip with a lunch around Monteriggioni.


Distance 15 km

Climb 138 m

Downhill 199 m

A suggestion for you:


From Siena to Monteriggioni via the Via Francigena


This solution to get from Siena to Monteriggioni by bicycle is made up of the cycling variant of the Via Francigena, which offers a longer (and approximately 42 km round trip) and suggestive route, although partly uneven with sections of uneven road surface or breccia , which make this road less suitable for beginners.

Even the altitude profile is more varied, with a greater difference in height which is undoubtedly an element of preference for lovers of more genuine cycling and in contact with nature, away from conventional roads.


Distance 21 km

Climb 329 m

Downhill 270 m


Contributo art. 1 D.L. 22/03/2021 n. 41 € 3.751,00
Contributo art. 1 D.L. 25/05/2021 n. 73 € 3.751,00
Contributo sostegno turismo € 4.000,00
Contributo art. 1 commi 16-27 D.L. 25/05/2021 n. 73 € 17.344,00